Future Electric Vehicle Energy Networks supporting Renewables (FEVER)

Thu Nov 9 2023

The electrification of transport is an important endeavour to achieve the UK’s and thus international climate goals. EVs, with zero emissions at usage, play an important part in this. However, the demand of EV charging on the National Grid will be extensive, straining especially those parts of the UK where the grid is at or near capacity. To overcome these limitations the FEVER project proposes fully grid-independent charging stations that are powered by renewable energy which thus also ensure zero emissions overall. The project’s interdisciplinary team is working together to address the multitude of mechanical, technological and social challenges around renewable energy powered charging stations as well as EV charging stations in general.

An explicit part of the project are the AI challenges around smart charging and future energy systems. Charging station on their own and in a network must ensure that users’ needs and characteristics are taken into consideration to provide convenience and fair pricing. Besides charging alone, the project is also envisioning a local grid setup where a charging station is connected to local businesses and households. The multitude of stakeholders in a setting with households, businesses, and short- and long-term (business) parking pose further challenges which require a careful consideration of all participants’ requirements and their equitable citizen-centric treatment.

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