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Online Seminar Series

Following on from a successful workshop at AAMAS 2023, we set up a monthly online seminar series on “Citizen-Centric AI Systems”.

Each month, speakers present recent research related to CCAIS and then discuss their work with the audience.

Our inaugural seminar took place in September and was a great success. Thank you to our speakers and everyone who attended for making it a great seminar. In this seminar, we heard from four separate teams that work on citizen-centric AI: Southampton, Delft, Amsterdam and Bristol. Each team outlined the different areas of research they are undertaking.

If you would like to join in with subsequent seminars, we will be running them on the second Thursday of each month. Please visit the CCAIS Seminar Series Website for details of upcoming seminars and to sign up.

We are also interested in potential speakers and would invite you to register your interest in giving a talk also on the seminar series’ website.

CCAIS Seminar Series