Connected Places Catapult

Sat Sep 30 2023

Connected Places Catapult (CPC) is at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies for a greener and more citizen-centric future. In collaboration with partners, including the University of Southampton, we are accelerating the adoption of AI in various sectors, particularly in smart and eco-friendly transportation. Our aim is to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enhance public transportation efficiency, making life better for citizens across the UK. An example of our work includes a partnership with the City of Bristol to develop an AI-powered traffic management system aimed at reducing congestion and boosting air quality. In addition, we are collaborating with Milton Keynes on an AI-driven public transport system designed to simplify commutes and increase efficiency.

Beyond land-based transport, we are also making strides in the maritime sector, working with various companies to create AI-powered solutions that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. One noteworthy project involves optimising ship routes using AI to avoid adverse weather conditions, ultimately conserving fuel. CPC’s commitment to progress recently led us to sponsoring and co-hosting a Parliamentary Cruise at London International Shipping week, where we engaged in vital discussions about the responsible integration of AI in the maritime sector. Joined by experts like Professor Sana Khareghani from Responsible AI UK and Dr. Adam Sobey from The Alan Turing Institute, we emphasised the importance of ensuring trust, safety, security, and responsibility as we navigate these technological advancements. We also supported SMEs and contributed to a Future Leaders Ministerial Roundtable, organised by the Department for Transport, focused on the “contribution of AI to the growth of the maritime economy”. We believe that direct interaction with policymakers during such visits fosters the knowledge transfer process and ensures a smoother transition to responsible AI implementation. CPC’s vision aligns seamlessly with the aims of the Citizen-Centric AI Systems (CCAIS) project, emphasising that AI systems should consider citizens’ preferences and allow for interaction and fine-tuning over time. We recognise that technology should not only benefit society but also be shaped by it. This commitment underscores our dedication to a future where AI not only drives innovation but also empowers citizens, ultimately steering the UK towards a brighter, more sustainable future.